A brand refocused

The Situation:

Enjoying almost 70 years in business, Mid-States Concrete Industries is a project management and engineering company which designs, manufactures and constructs pre-cast concrete building systems. With the expanding growth of new capabilities, management realized a need to refocus their brand in order to communicate their company more effectively to their current marketplace.

Our Approach:

The most significant market for Mid-States is architects, so we began the refocusing process with a redesign of their current logo to make it more contemporary. In addition, we emphasized “Mid-States” and subordinated “Concrete Industries”, giving the company more flexibility to focus on their capabilities in their sales and marketing efforts, as well as finished products. Once the refocused look was in place, we developed a prioritized communications strategy, in collaboration with Mid-States, that created new marketing communications tools including a new web site and brochures.